The boss of BSM, Britain’s biggest driving school, has avoided a lengthy driving ban despite having 17 points on his licence.

According to, Abu-Haris Shafi was in court after his Volvo car was caught on camera breaking a 50mph speed limit.

In court Shafi refused to reveal who was in the drivers seat of the Volvo and was given 6 points on his licence to go with the 11 already there.

With 12 points usually meaning an automatic driving ban of at least 6 months, Shafi avoided this with a £750 fine.

This followed his solicitor’s success in persuading Bournemouth magistrates that a driving ban would risk his job and prevent him taking his Mum to the doctors.

A BSM insider said: “It is incredibly embarrassing teaching learners to obey rules if our driving force is a serial offender”.

Steve Picton from the Driving Instructors Association, said: “I am amazed he’s maintained his position as company head”.

BSM officials refused to comment.