The Road-S-Kill project has been launched for learner drivers in East Yorkshire by the Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, Safer Roads Humber and local driving schools.

The project aims to reduce injury and death on the regions roads by giving learner drivers about to take their driving test a series of hard hitting presentations and videos on the dangers they face when on the road.

Subjects include the dangers of driving with loud music on, drink driving, not wearing a seatbelt and speeding.

Steve Harrison, road safety officer for the fire service and founder of the Roads-S-Kill project said, “This is potentially the biggest thing the fire service can do to improve road safety in the region”.

Steve continued, “There are up to 300 new drivers on the roads in the area at any one time, so if we can get the message through to some of them, then that would be a massive achievement”.

The first presentation was delivered to a group of learner drivers from the Hull-based Elite Driving School.

The session also included interviews with relatives of youngsters who had been killed in road collisions.

Learner driver Aidan Wilby, 17, said: “I thought the presentation was really useful. It made me more aware of the effects playing loud music can have on your driving and I’ll definitely be more careful”.

Hairdresser Rayah Knight, 19, of Hessle, said: “It definitely made me think about some things I hadn’t considered before and I’ll make sure I always put a seatbelt on whenever I’m in a car”.

The RAC Foundation has also backed the campaign.