A learner driver from Oxfordshire has had his driving test cancelled after the examiner claimed that his VW Golf car was too dirty.

18 year-old Jack Hyde said, “The examiner told me he came to work in suit trousers and expected to sit on a tidy seat”.

Jack contined, “There were a few croissant crumbs on the seat and a dog biscuit in the footwell, but he wouldn’t even give me 5 minutes to clean it”.

The cancellation means the learner driver has lost his £62 driving test fee and now must wait 6 weeks for a retest.
Mr Hyde has made a complaint to the Driving Standards Agency who said they would look into it.

A spokesperson for Driving School Lessons, the owners of this news site said, “I feel for Jack as the examiner’s reaction does seem a bit excessive”.

They continued, “I wish Jack all the best for his test in a few weeks time and would encourage all pupils and instructors to make sure their vehicles are thorougly clean and tidy on test day”.

English actress Sienna Miller has been celebrating after successfully passing her UK driving test.

The 27 year-old BAFTA nominated actress, best known for her roles in Alfie, Factory Girl and The Edge Of Love had already passed a European driving test over 5 months ago.

Miller took her driving test in the West end of London and was reported to have hugged the examiner on hearing that she had passed. She also leapt out of the car and gave a big hug to her instructor.

A source for the Mirror.co.uk said “Sienna had been so nervous before. She’s an accomplished driver but was desperate to be able to drive here”.

The source continued, “When the examiner told her she’d passed she hugged him and leapt out of the car to bear-hug her instructor. She is thrilled to pieces to be on the road”.

Stuart Vaughan of Driving School Lessons, said, “Congratulations to Sienna on passing her driving test. We wish her all the best in her driving and acting career and should she wish to take any Pass Plus driving lessons in Southampton, rather than London we’d be happy to offer them”.

A 24-year old woman learner driver from Norwich has become one of the rare few people who have passed their driving test with no driving faults at all.

Learner drivers can make up to 15 faults during their practical driving test and still pass, with the average number of faults made by drivers being 9.

Commenting on her achievement, Kim Murton said, “I was always quite scared about driving and it took me years to pluck up the courage to have a lesson. It took me a long while to pick up even the basics”.

Kim continued, “I was shaking and nervous but I just knew I had to get through it. I am shocked but so pleased that I passed with no faults. I was told that was very rare and it is unbelievable how far I came really.”

Kim took her driving lessons over a nine month period with Stephen Lelievre, a driving instructor with 33 years experience, who runs the Popular Driving School in Thorpe Marriott.

Stephen said, “I talked to other driving instructors when this happened and they all said they had hardly ever heard of this happening before”.

Stephen continued, “I know people have come close but no errors at all is amazing. I am really proud of Kim because she was so nervous at first. She has come such a long way”.

Trevor Wedge, Great Britain’s Chief Driving Examiner at the DSA, said: “We congratulate Kim Murton on her result and wish her all the best for her driving career”.

Stuart Vaughan of Driving School Lessons, the driving school franchise specialist that helps instructors source new pupils, said, “This is a magnificent achievement. We pass on our congratulations to both Kim and Stephen”.

The practical part of the UK driving test is failed by 40% of people at least once.