The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) is offering new drivers in Sussex £60 cashback if they complete a Pass Plus course and a locally-run workshop.

Pass Plus is a training course for new drivers which has been compiled by the Driving Standards Agency, with help from the driving instruction industry and selected UK insurance companies – who offer cheaper car insurance for drivers who have completed Pass Plus.

The course consists of six practical training session modules which cover driving in town, in all weathers, on rural roads, at night, on dual carriageways and on motorways. New drivers can take it at any time within the first 12 month of passing their test.

There is no test at the end of Pass Plus, instead a pupil’s driving will be continually assessed with each module requiring successful completion to an achieved or exceeded standard.

Pass Plus lessons are booked through Pass Plus registered instructors, a list of which can be found on the website.

To qualify for the £60 cashback, new drivers in Sussex must show they have completed the course, then attend a 2 hour workshop run by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP).

The workshops, held at locations across Sussex, cover a range of topics including why people speed, drinking and driving, causes of crashes and defensive driving.

Emma Rogers, SSRP Communications Manager said: “Young people are a particularly vulnerable driver group in Sussex – a disproportionate number are involved in crashes, compared to the amount of young drivers actually on our roads. Many certainly have the confidence to drive well, but it’s the inexperience that lets them down”.

“If they were involved in an incident that could lead to a crash, they wouldn’t know what to do. It’s also true that young drivers, particularly males, like to show off to their girlfriends and peers, which can lead to faster driving and tragic consequences”.

Emma continues, “284 young people between 17 and 25 years were killed or seriously injured on Sussex roads in 2006. This is far too many, and if we can help by encouraging more people to attend the Pass Plus scheme and our workshop by offering £60 cashback, and getting them a bit more training both on the roads and about driving attitudes, we may well be able to prevent some of this carnage”.

For more information, readers can download the information leaflet and booking form from the website under ‘campaigns’.